Windows Template Studio

Moments again following all the other fantastic announcements for Windows developers, Windows Template Studio was announced.

What is it?

Windows Template Studio allows you to quickly build a UWP app that has the pages, framework and features that you want by a friendly wizard that gets your app running in no time! Design guidance and industry standard patterns and practices are baked right in.  And yes, it is open-source.

What’s the big deal?

Ever hear the term “Yak shaving“. Yak shaving is all the smaller task you as a software developer needs to complete first before actually getting to the task at hand. Setting up a solution is one of those tasks. Depending on the complexity of the solution architecture this process can sometimes take days, all this before you even get to work on planned functionally. Windows Template Studio helps alleviate some of this.



Disclaimer: I wrote this post using nightly builds, so changes may occur before release. 

I think the team did a fantastic job putting this together, the wizard has 3 steps before you are up and running


File -> New Project.
In the Windows universal subtree, there is a new entry for the Windows Template Studio.




Time to select a project time and framework.
Starting to see how useful this can be? A navigation pane and MVVM Light with 2 clicks 🙂




Last page of the wizard. Here we can add a few pages and select features we want to use in or app. I selected a webview & master/detail pages with the suspend/resume feature.
Click Create and give it a min, it is slightly slower than spinning up a blank project but that is expected.



There we go! Views, Services and helpers with just a few clicks. If I were to guess I’d say this just saved me 20min, which is welcomed because I can always do with more time.




F5 and the app runs as expected, no need for additional tricks. There it is Windows Template Studio.
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