Windows Phone Carrier Billing

So why is carrier billing not a bigger thing in South Africa?
It makes sense that carrier billing would be the prevalent billing method in a country where access to credit cards is scarce, unfortunately this isn’t the case.

There is a shimmer of hope for Windows Phone users. Vodacom now supports carrier billing for the Windows Phone store, well to be accurate the service has been available since June this year. I did try it out in June with no success and decided to try again after Microsoft mentioned it in a press statement on 7 November.

This time round it worked flawlessly.

Billing confirmation

Network exclusivity
This being a network exclusive service you will need to get your hands on a Vodacom sim.


I was lucky enough to get this sim free of charge from on campus promoters. Load some airtime on here an you’re almost set to purchase that app you’ve been dying to own.

Shopping time
Time to buy an app 😀
I opted to buy a premium feature in the popular Instagram client 6tag.

6tag purchase

You should be greeted with a similar page with “Vodacom” as a payment method. When you hit “buy” you will need to be using your mobile data, none of my purchases were successful when using my Wifi connection.

Hit the buy button and viola! You have purchased an app.