Windows Hello with Kinect v2

When Windows Hello was first demoed the first thing that sparked in my mind was “I wonder when I can do this with my Kinect v2 sensor”, I subsequently waited and waited but it appeared as if it was never going to happen. Well it finally has happened… sort of  😀

The entire process is less than 5 min so it is well worth trying.

Disclaimer (Just in case)
We claim no responsibility for any damage in any form that this may cause.

Kinect v2 sensor
First up you need to have a sensor, I have the original v2 sensor for Windows (theses aren’t on sale anymore). If you have a Xbox One sensor these can be used on your PC with an easy to get sensor (Microsoft Store, Amazon)

Remember the sensor only works when directly plugged into a USB 3 port, you may experience problems if you connect it through a hub.

Registry entry
Download the .reg file and run it. It will add the necessary registry key to enable the Kinect for Windows Hello.

Update the driver
The last step before you can have Windows Hello in all its glory.
Open up Device Manager and find the Kinect Sensor
Screenshot (2)

Right click to navigate to the devices properties and hit “Update Driver”
Screenshot (3)

Screenshot (4)

That is it! Now you will see Windows Hello under Sign-in options
Screenshot (5)

Feel free to ask questions below 🙂

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