Update your DreamSpark account now!

You have till 30 September 2014 to associated a Microsoft account with your DreamSpark account. You will lose access to your DreamSpark account if you miss this deadline.
I hope I didn’t vex you too much with my bold and red text above. Lets get to it then, time’s a wastin.

Chances are you received an email like the one below and it went straight into your spam folder or you caught a glimpse of it and didn’t catch the important bits.


Time to remedy that πŸ™‚

Head on over to www.dreamspark.comΒ when you hit sign in 3 options will appear. Choose the most appropriate one. For this tutorial it will be the 2nd option.

You’ll be greeted by this little popup

Hit “Continue” and now you sign in with the Microsoft account you want to associate with your DreamSpark account.


That is it! All done.


Remember from now going forward you will use the associated Microsoft account to sign into DreamSpark, no need to remember yet another set of credentials πŸ™‚
Keep an eye out for more changes to DreamSpark sometime in the future πŸ˜‰