Universal Windows App Base Project

In an attempt to boost my productivity, I decided to write a base WinRT project with the essentials for all my projects. Here is what I consider essentials for all my projects:

  • MVVM Light
  • A Navigation Service
  • A Message Service
  • Global app service

These 3 items define a base universal Windows project for me, I will get into some detail on all of these in a bit. Other services like data or location services can be needed for an app but aren’t essential to all apps.

Solution hierarchy
Nothing fancy happening here. Remember to keep all files in a logical folder structure, folders work a lot better than an endless list of obtusely name files.


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WP 8.1 connectivity guide for DUT students

Some time back DUT decided to change the EAP method for the wireless network to PEAP MS-CHAP v2. Unfortunately, this left many students unable to connect with their phones due to the fact that their respective OS did not support this type of authentication.

Fortunately for Windows Phone users Windows Phone 8.1 resolves this and adds in heaps of other features.

You don’t have WP 8.1? Head on over to WPCentral and follow their guide to upgrade. Upgrade to WP 8.1.

Have you upgraded? Love it? Hate it? Let me know in the comments.

Now you need to connect to the wifi to download all those apps you’ve being yearning for.

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