Developers are pretty cool and they also happen to make useful things. I like to think this is why Nokia with several partners came up with DVLUP(pronounce Develop). So what’s DVLUP?
Short answer – gamification of app development.
Longer answer – it is a loyalty program designed to help motivate and optimize developers. With the points you gain from completing challenges you can claim devices, developer tools gift card and a plethora of other cool goodies

There isn’t much for me to write about really. You publish your apps the platform benefits and in turn through DVLUP you benefit! Win! Win!

Joining the program couldn’t be easier, head on over to DVLUP (my referral link) or hit www.dvlup.com.

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Phone Fridays

Look! Oh no it’s exams 🙁

How does that affect Phone Fridays?
Well venues will be booked for examinations and you really should be studying instead of reading this. This means that there will not be any Phone Friday sessions for the remainder of the semester.

See you guys bright and early next semester.

Flip Side


You may have heard that your local Windows Phone MVP be will hosting //publish/ this weekend at DUT. The goal of this event is to polish up your apps and finally take the plunge of //publishing/

Did I mention there is a ton of prizes for apps published this weekend? I’ve attached a picture of some to stimulate those app ideas


Coding can be tough on the body, to counter this food will be provided so that those energy levels stay high and those fingers keep typing.

Keen? Registration link at the bottom.
I’ll definitely be there this weekend 😀
Come say hi if you’re attending

Register here: Register

Phone Fridays 16 May 2014

Phone Fridays for this week has been cancelled due to //publish/ 😀 Checkout my next post for details on attending.

I migrated :)

So I took the plunge and migrated my site from WordPress to Azure. This is the reason for things looking different, expect everything to be back to normal soon 🙂

WP 8.1 connectivity guide for DUT students

Some time back DUT decided to change the EAP method for the wireless network to PEAP MS-CHAP v2. Unfortunately, this left many students unable to connect with their phones due to the fact that their respective OS did not support this type of authentication.

Fortunately for Windows Phone users Windows Phone 8.1 resolves this and adds in heaps of other features.

You don’t have WP 8.1? Head on over to WPCentral and follow their guide to upgrade. Upgrade to WP 8.1.

Have you upgraded? Love it? Hate it? Let me know in the comments.

Now you need to connect to the wifi to download all those apps you’ve being yearning for.

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I want to learn app development!

So I wrapped up the “Creating apps” session at YouthSparkSA with a little Overview of Microsoft for students.

Unfortunately my presentation can’t stay up indefinitely so a blog post seemed like a more permanent location for some links.
Hopefully these resources will help you on your Windows Dev journey.

Microsoft Virtual Academy

This list is quite a sparse post at the moment. I will definitely update this post at some stage.