My top 7 Visual Studio 2017 features

Lightweight installer

Remember Visual studio 2010? This was my first encounter with VS and it was painful. You had to set aside at least a day to get this installed and you had to be one brave soul to attempt uninstalling it.
This has gotten incrementally better with subsequent versions but with VS17 taken its componentization up a level.

4x faster

Thanks to a ton of optimisations and changes to the way files are loaded VS17 ca be up to 4x faster than VS15! VS2017 has a feature called Light Weight Solution Load which only loads individual projects when you actually need them, making VS2017 usable in roughly half the time of VS2015.


Go To

As solutions become larger navigating these behemoths also become more cumbersome. Now we have a super easy Ctrl+G shortcut that lets us very easier search files, types, members, symbols, jump to a line or everything.

  • Line – 2-1-line Ctrl+G, :
  • Files – 2-2-files Ctrl+G, F
  • Types – 2-3-types
  • Symbols – 2-4-symbols
  • Members – 2-5-members


Structure Visualization

When you open a solution in VS17 for the first time you may notice these dotted lines which at first I thought clustered my view till I learnt of their fantastic use. Hovering over them reveals their magic when hovered  lines – you get a full structure visualisation which shows the context you are in


Run to click

A nice improvement to debugging comes in the form of Run-To-Click. Now, instead of needing to right click and select Run To Cursor, simply hovering over any subsequent line while in a paused state will show the new Run-To-Click icon – 6-run-to-click. Hitting this will automatically run the code on to this position and stop again. Another nice addition to this is perf stats since the last breakpoint was hit.


Smarter IntelliSense

Too often the list provided by IntelliSense is massive which results in a lot of scrolling. With IntelliSense Filtering, it should now be simpler to drill down to the results you are interested in.

  • Locals and Parameters – 3-1-locals-and-parameters
  • Constants – 3-2-constants
  • Properties – 3-3-properties
  • Fields – 3-4-fields
  • Methods – 3-5-methods
  • Interfaces – 3-6-interfaces
  • Classes – 3-7-classes
  • Modules – 3-8-modules
  • Structures – 3-9-structures
  • Enums – 3-10-enums
  • Namespaces – 3-11-namespaces
  • Keywords – 3-12-keywords


New JavaScript Editor

Let’s be honest, VS and JavaScript weren’t always on the best of terms. I am no web guru but I am required to dabble in web technologies from time to time and VS was not cut out for it. We have js files that crash VS15 every time we attempt to open them. This should no longer be a problem with VS17 🙂