Music Piracy is dead, almost.

As I type this I am listening to a track from my catalogue of 25 million* tracks, each track 100% legal.

How? Music streaming. That’s the start and end of it, I don’t have a “site” or a “friend” that provides me with a fresh dose music.

Why? I understand your reasoning for asking this. Why should you abandon your personally curated collection? Well, imagine a world where a collection of your favourites tunes didn’t contain “track 1 – unknown artist”. Is that not a beautiful thought?

How does it work? First you need to find a streaming service that you like, you have a lot of choices. Popular services in SA include names like Simfy, Deezer, Rara, Nokia MixRadio, Spinlet and Rdio. Admittedly I’ve been holding out on this part till now. Let’s talk cost, these services typically range from Free – R100 p.m. Yes you read right, free/nil/nada/zilch. To maintain their services most free music streamer rely on adverts or feature restriction like limited skips per month, considering that all of your music will now be 100% legal this is a fair compromise.

To help you with your transition here is some insight on my setup. I used Rdio ( on my notebook (I happily pay the R25 a month for ad-free streaming) and Nokia MixRadio on my phone which by the way is available free on all Nokia Lumia WP8 devices. Did I mention the coolest part when you switch? Your music will be accessible pretty much anywhere with an internet connection. I can login from any PC and continue from exactly where I left off during my last jam session.

It’s time to switch. #MusicPiracyIsDead

The above is a revised piece I wrote for DUT’s university magazine “The Edge”