Microsoft Student Partner 2015 Applications are open!

It is the new year and we need some fresh new recruits 😀

The Microsoft Student Partner program is an international program that recognizes the immense amount of talent and potential of the worlds tech savvy youth.
Microsoft Student Partners (MSPs) are social and friendly students who like to meet new people. MSPs are the game changers of the future. They think and act boldly.

As an MSP you will:

  • build apps and demos
  • demonstrate the newest technologies and host tech events on your campus
  • acquire the tools and training to lead technology discussions on your campus
  • build your global network with industry experts
  • connect with like-minded students and faculty around the world
  • attend trainings from Microsoft leaders to enhance your knowledge about cutting edge technologies
  • be the one on your campus with insight and answers on Microsoft technologies

Great! You’ve made it this far down this post, time to chat about the additional benefits of being a MSP. Other than amazing career booster it will be to have Microsoft on your CV you will be on the forefront of the latest technology and will have access to industry leaders as mentors. Did I mention that there will also be a ton of swag for those who strive within the program?

It is time to build your skills, ignite your career.

How does the application process work?

Applications will be open for starting today (19 Feb 2015) and will end 27 March 2015 (16:00 SAST).

You will be required to write and publish to the store a minimum of 1 Windows Phone or Windows App using App Studio, Microsoft’s online app creation tool. Take a look at this blog post for a quick start guide to App Studio.

If you have successfully made it to round 2 of the selection process you will be contacted via email on Monday (2 March 2015).

Applications are now closed

* If your university isn’t listed please email me and I will put in contact with the recruiter for your university.