Microsoft has invited me to Redmond Seattle!

Yup it is confirmed! I will be in Redmond Seattle at Microsoft university for an entire week 😀 Admittedly this is rather old news, the announcement of my trip has been everywhere with the exception of my blog—well that is till now.

I have a terrible habit that my eyes hate me for. When I received emails while asleep unconsciously I open them and instantly blind myself and thereafter pass out again. Like every other night my automatic-email-reading-eye-blinding reflex kicked in 5 May 2014 just after 11 PM.

To ensure I didn’t reply to anyone half asleep I scan through my inbox when I get up. This is what I found 6 May, Wednesday morning 🙂

I’m sure you can imagine my elation waking up to this. Of course the first thing I did was tweet the local MSP (Microsoft student partner) lead.

Since that day every succeeding week somehow got better and better. A few weeks later a second round of MSP selections took place, 2 more fellow MSPs were selected. Oyebode Oridota (@Oridotaoyebode) and Tyrone Allen (@tyroneallen281).

Pretty much since I received that email there has been a barrage of media interest from newspapers, radio stations and websites. No TV deals yet (Seriously guys I’m open to being on TV. Recurring character on a sitcom? Definitely! Bring that my way!)

Look at me rambling on here. I haven’t mentioned any details about my trip yet. Please endure me, this is my first trip out of KZN and also my first time on a plane. Here goes!

I will leave South Africa 27 July evening and after 23 hours of travel land in Seattle the morning of 28 July (thanks to the magic of time zones).
I will be spending most of my week at the University of Washington where I will be engaged in learning sessions, product group presentations and other MSP discussions. I’ve saved the best one for last 😉 I also get to witness the amazing talent and work of the Imagine Cup finalists! These guys are shaping the world with the code they write.

I will work hard to document every aspect of my trip in the highest resolution my vocabulary will allow, I don’t have to worry about picture detail; I have a Lumia 😉
Expect oodles of tweets (@ErrorNaik) and Instagram (@Error_Naik) posts.