I’m back from Seattle!

Like I mentioned in a previous post, I was invited to Microsoft headquarters! ๐Ÿ˜€
To be honest I’ve been back for some time now, I sure did not expect 10 days of hiatus to throw my schedule of track the amount that it did. After almost a month of my return here are some of my experiences.

The adventure began 27 July and sure promised to be a bombastic experience. Being my first time on a plane I sure went all out with my trip from South Africa to the USA summating to 27 hours and 10 minutes. My trip itinerary was Durban -> Johannesburg -> New York (quick tip: if youโ€™re catching a connecting flight and JFK is your first point of entry into the US, 2 hours between flights is a bit of a squeeze. Had I not being escorted passed a line of 200+ people I would have missed my flight to Seattle) -> Seattle.

University of Washington
MSPs, Imagine Cup competitors and even some Microsoft employees were accommodated at the University of Washington Alder Dorm. I am still to this day tremendously impressed by the efficiency of the institution, these guys know what they are doing.

Most meals were served at Local point, the university dining hall for that district. I rarely Instagram my food irrespective I wouldn’t have found the time to do so because I was way too busy revelling in all that glorious food!
The entire week was jam packed with so many new experiences that picking out even a few for this blog post is a difficult task. Instead here are cool pictures with some words that may help translate how incredible an experience the journey was.


PS I have a Facebook album with tons more picturesย bit.ly/SeattleAlbum