Giveaway time!


Up for grabs an Amazon Kindle Touch or a Samsung Focus Flash Windows Phone 7.8 device!

Kindle Touch

Samsung Focus Flash WP7.8

Like most people in the industry over time I have accumulated more devices than I can manage.
Yes, these devices are not brand new but I promise that I take extremely good care of my tech.

Samsung Focus Flash
This device has seen about 6 months of use. A real solid phone with it’s metal casing and a surprisingly good camera.
Checkout the Amazon product page for more details – Link

Amazon Kindle Touch
Switched it on, popped a few books and some music on it then it was back in the box. Pretty much almost unused.
Checkout the Amazon product page for more details – Link

The challenge
For some time I have been contemplating how I would conduct this giveaway, thankfully today Nyaladzi dropped me a mail that solved this issue for me 🙂

The idea is simple, build a Windows app in a week.
Any app for either Windows Phone, Windows 8 or both(Universal app).
Publish it to the store and email me a link with the subject line “Errornaik Giveaway”

There will be 3 main judging criteria: Idea, quality and implementation.

You have till midnight 31 October 2014. Go on now, get coding!

Ts & Cs
Oh hello! I see you’ve made it to the Terms and Conditions, I didn’t expect many to make it here.

1. The competition is open to anyone within South Africa.
2. There is no limit to the number of entries (Multiple entries does not necessarily increase your odds, adhering to the judging criteria is more feasible)
3. If the winner cannot be reached the prize will be awarded to the runner up (We will try our best to contact the winner).
4. and it’s content creator is not liable for any damages/monetary lose you may incur.
5. Postage costs will be covered by
6. and it’s content creator is not liable for loss of postage once posted.
7. These Terms & Conditions are subject to change by the competition holder.