Getting around Visual Studio 2015

Getting started with a new programming language/platform can be a daunting task, especially when it requires the use of a new IDE. This post is going to be a quick lap around Visual Studio so you can get working on all those ideas you have.

First up you will want to head over to


Here you can download Visual Studio Community which is a free version but a still very capable IDE for your day to day dev needs.

Fantastic! You have now taken the first step.

Once you have followed through with the installation process and run Visual Studio you will be greeted by the Start Screen similar to below.
There isn’t much happening on the start page.
Some quick access options to the left:
– “New Project”
– “Open Project” etc
Towards the centre, you will find the latest news articles regarding Microsoft technologies.

Time for a quick little console app. Click “New project” and you will be greeted by the screen below.
Depending on the options you selected during the installation process the templates to the left will vary. For a quick little test, we want to click the “Visual C#” template header and then  choose a C# Console app.
TIP – Always give your solutions a rememberable name and location.


To your right, you have the Solution Explorer which will let you navigate the structure of your solution and with the majority of the screen real state dedicated to working on your code. 

At this point, there are 2 shortcuts that will help save you time:
F6 – Builds the solution and
F5 – Runs your code