Developers are pretty cool and they also happen to make useful things. I like to think this is why Nokia with several partners came up with DVLUP(pronounce Develop). So what’s DVLUP?
Short answer – gamification of app development.
Longer answer – it is a loyalty program designed to help motivate and optimize developers. With the points you gain from completing challenges you can claim devices, developer tools gift card and a plethora of other cool goodies

There isn’t much for me to write about really. You publish your apps the platform benefits and in turn through DVLUP you benefit! Win! Win!

Joining the program couldn’t be easier, head on over to DVLUP (my referral link) or hit www.dvlup.com.

Link an existing account or register.

Did I not tell you that it was super easy? Oh yeah they also speak l33t, welcome n00b 🙂 You now need to link your Dev Center account, hit the little gear below the pad lock (sign out).

This is pretty standard stuff publisher name, Dev Center Email and GUID. Wait. What’s a “GUID”? Well that’s sort of your unique developer identifier. Head on over to Dev Center (dev.windowsphone.com).

Once you’ve signed in you need to click “Dashboard” –> “Account” –> “Account Summary”. You will be navigated to a page similar to this, I promise your details won’t be retracted like mine unless you’re a secret agent who writes Windows Phone app in his/her spare time. Copy your GUID or type it out if you’re feeling adventurous and hit “Update”. The verification process may take a few days, trust me the wait is worth it.

Time to check out the challenges and publish your apps.