DreamSpark Registration (Updated)

So you’re a student and want to develop for Microsoft technologies? Luckily our friends at Microsoft really see the potential in students and have invested heavily in providing premium tools at no cost.

Step 1 – The key

There are 2 ways to get one of these:

  1. Email me and I’ll email you a card like below. I no longer give these out as it is now very easy to verify your student status using your school/university email address.


  1. Login to your Departments (Special thanks to the Information Technology Dept for adding me to their store) DreamSpark store and request one in these easy 4 steps.

DreamSparkUpdate1 DreamSparkUpdate2 DreamSparkUpdate3 DreamSparkUpdate4

Step 2 – Links

Navigate to https://www.dreamspark.com/Student/
Scroll to the bottom of the page and click “Create Account”

Step 3 – Fill in a simple form 🙂

Everything good? This is a breeze right? Remember that verification code? You will need to enter it on the next page.

Step 5 – Congratulations

You now have a DreamSpark account and access to premium Microsoft products free of charge 😀

Enjoy all your free software 😀