Claim your free Windows/WP dev account using DreamSpark

You’ve built your app and now you need to share it with the world.

Being a student is tough so Microsoft is kind enough to waver the one time registration fee (R193 at time of publication). I explain the simple steps needed to claim this cool benefit.

Step 1

Head on over to and login with you DreamSpark account.

Don’t have a DreamSpark account? Check out this post  ( for details on getting one

Click “Get code Now”, don’t close this tab yet; you will need this code in a bit.


Step 2

Now it is time to head on over to Navigate to your dashboard and then click “Windows Phone Store”


Step 3

We’re making progress 🙂


Don’t be scared off by this. Trust me, we are going to make that once off fee disappear. Click “Enrol”


Fill in some basic details.


Remember that code? We need it here. Enter it and click “Next”.


Look! That once of fee has disappeared! Told ya it would disappear 🙂 Hit that “Purchase” button.

ClaimDreamSpark7That’s it! We’re all done, happy app publishing 🙂