Update your DreamSpark account now!

You have till 30 September 2014 to associated a Microsoft account with your DreamSpark account. You will lose access to your DreamSpark account if you miss this deadline.
I hope I didn’t vex you too much with my bold and red text above. Lets get to it then, time’s a wastin.

Chances are you received an email like the one below and it went straight into your spam folder or you caught a glimpse of it and didn’t catch the important bits.

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Phone Fridays is back!

It’s back! I know we’re well into the semester and a lot of you guys have been waiting patiently for some time. Thanks for hanging on 🙂

The first session will take place this Friday (12 September 2014)
Ritson Campus,
Lab 2,
12:00 – 13:00

See you there 😀

Phone Fridays

Look! Oh no it’s exams 🙁

How does that affect Phone Fridays?
Well venues will be booked for examinations and you really should be studying instead of reading this. This means that there will not be any Phone Friday sessions for the remainder of the semester.

See you guys bright and early next semester.

Flip Side

Phone Fridays 16 May 2014

Phone Fridays for this week has been cancelled due to //publish/ 😀 Checkout my next post for details on attending.

I migrated :)

So I took the plunge and migrated my site from WordPress to Azure. This is the reason for things looking different, expect everything to be back to normal soon 🙂