You are buying tech in South Africa at a premium

What am I missing here? I really feel as if I am missing something when it comes to the tech prices in South Africa.

I recently bought a ‘new’ notebook, well relatively new because it is refurbished unit. South Africa has a decently use computer market, I’ll probably touch on this another time.

So new notebook has a spinny horribly slow HDD. All of my machines for the last ~3 years have had SSDs so this won’t so because there is no going back once you have become accustomed to that sort of speed. SSD prices have steadily dropped over the years and my storage requirement has increased which means my defacto 256GB SSD is starting to feel restrictive hence me shopping for a 500GB SSD.

I started off looking local with Wootware. Nothing immediately stood out here, I had justed started my search. R2742.00 for the MX300 525GB, let remember that for later.

I progressed my research with my usual 2nd step which is comparing all local outlets using PriceCheck. Ah, progress. Takealot looks like the cheapest. Great! I should just click buy and call it an evening right?

Looks like PriceCheck does not have the most recent price 🙁
Ok, this isn’t that far off from Wootware so this much be the cheapest still?

After reading a few more reviews for this SSD I landed at Amazon looking at the same MX300 525GB.

$180.85 with shipping and taxes you say Amazon? Huh! I can’t remember the exchange rate but I’m sure this is cheaper. Google can you confirm?

The last nail in SA tech retail is for me to complete the purchase.
As usual, I paid in USD to not fall prey to Dynamic currently conversion. I have another post explaining the marketing gimmick that DCC is here link


Let’s recap with some math.

$180.85 = R2373.35
Amount charged to my bank account after conversions => R2380.00

Cheapest local(Takealot) :  R2699.00
My total:                                R2380.00
Saving:                                   R319 (11.82%)

TL:DR It is almost 12% cheaper to buy a new SSD from 14000KM rather than buying it in South Africa.