Jam-packed week of events at Derivco Durban

Last week we decided to end the year with a bang with 3 dev events in 1 week! It sounded like a massive undertaking but in the end, it all came together really well.

We started the week off, Monday, with the first session of a series called AI Masterclass.

This session, an introduction to Neural Networks which was presented by the Facebook Artificial Intelligence Research (FAIR) team which was followed up an hour later with a live Q&A with Facebook’s AI engineers. The video recording of the session has been uploaded to the Facebook Developer Circle: Durban group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/DevCDurban/

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14 days of travel :D

I have embarked on a new adventure with 14 jammed packed days ahead. So much is happening and I would love to meet as many people as I can on this trip, come say ‘Hi’ if you find yourself in the same city as me 🙂

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Durban Xamarin User Group Monthly Meetup 15 June 2017

We did it! We have successfully launched the Durban Xamarin User Group 🙂 It was a fantastic evening filled with Xamarin.

We started the evening off with some pizza 🍕🍕🍕

Promptly we kicked off at 6 PM, a bit of an oddity for Durban events.
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Windows Template Studio

Moments again following all the other fantastic announcements for Windows developers, Windows Template Studio was announced.

What is it?

Windows Template Studio allows you to quickly build a UWP app that has the pages, framework and features that you want by a friendly wizard that gets your app running in no time! Design guidance and industry standard patterns and practices are baked right in.  And yes, it is open-source.

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Livestream: Microsoft Build 2017 Viewing Party

Microsoft Build 2017
Microsoft Build 2017

Microsoft Build 2017 Keynote Viewing Party

Microsoft Build 2017 kicks off on May 10 in Seattle, with an expected capacity crowd of over 5,000 developers—plus countless more online.

With support from Microsoft, we will be hosting a viewing party to learn about all the new cool stuff Microsoft is bringing to developers.

You’ll be among the first to hear about new developments that will help you engage your users, keep their information safe and reach them in more places. Big things have been unveiled and
promoted at Microsoft Build over the years and this year’s conference won’t be any different!
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You are buying tech in South Africa at a premium

What am I missing here? I really feel as if I am missing something when it comes to the tech prices in South Africa.

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Git LFS: Check that you have proper access to the repository

While at work today I tried to Git for a bit, unfortunately, my commit wasn’t accepted with open arms.


Wait! What? Did I get fired? Why can’t I push to this repo?
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